Last Updated: September 05, 2021


Arizona is the last of the 48 contiguous states to be admitted to the Union. Most of the state’s land was taken from Mexico during the Mexican-American War in 1848. Arizona is well known for its hot climate and beautiful deserts. It is the home of the Grand Canyon and Saguaro National Park. The Hoover Dam sits on the border between Arizona and Nevada and provides power to the surrounding areas and California. The state’s biggest industries are manufacturing and agriculture, and it outputs electrical, communications, and aeronautical items, as well as cattle, dairy products, and cotton. Arizona has seen healthy and stable economic growth in recent years, which makes it a safe option for any small business owner.

Industry Stats

  • Arizona has an unusually large amount of flight attendants. The 4,550 of them make up almost 0.2% of the state’s entire workforce.
  • Couples in this state spent a total of $7,393,765 on wedding invitations and $3,441,247 on postage in 2015.
  • The state has more veterinarians than optometrists and more hairdressers than plumbers.
  • A staggering 176,363 people work in the restaurant business in Arizona.
  • There are only 14,888 mechanics in Arizona. Each mechanic has to serve 161 households.
  • Wedding couples, on average, spent almost three times as much on an engagement ring as they did on both wedding bands in Arizona.

Arizona is a responsible choice for small business owners due to its steadily growing economy and stable real estate market. The state is seeing an increase in businesses and people due to its low cost of living and low taxes. This influx of people means a growing labor market and a promise of financial stability for years to come.

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